Sunday, February 28, 2010

The David Hicks Inspiration

David Hicks has always been an inspiration to me. When searching for the right fabric, carpet or area rug for a project, the designer is sure to stumble across his influences throughout the design world. I love his bold carpet patterns, and his keen sense of style is everlasting. Plus, he designed his own garden in such a way one would assume that gardening was his concentration. The self-made English designer could have just as easily been called an artist for he molded homes in to art.
We carry a line of Mr. Hicks' carpets, recolored by the designer's son, Ashley Hicks, who is a fabulous designer in his own right. The carpets are wool loop pile Wiltons, therefor the patterns are precise and have a classic feel. See the pictures of a few of the selections below. Oh, yeah. There is a nice, clean stripe border for each colour way as well. Mike and I hope to see you soon, designers! xo
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