Wednesday, December 22, 2010

"Another year is over & what have we done?" -John Lennon

I should for warn you, I have a bit of melancholy today. I don't know exactly why. This happens at this time of year though, doesn't it? The weeks leading up to Christmas are full of hustle and bustle in a carpet store. The sales reps bring wonderful sweets, the most special ones being homemade. We talk and take the time to reflect on how lucky we are to have survived an exceptionally challenging year. I feel fortunate to work in such a lovely environment with wonderful people. It's no joke that Mike and I really do care about making our customers happy with the area rugs or carpets we provide. I am thrilled to be working in a true locally owned and operated business, and so I'm including more photos of the store- Thank You, Sandrine  Arons for your photos! Keep and eye and ear out for our next adventure here at Moore Floor Coverings, for we plan to expand by offering roll goods and create an even more special shopping experience. Hugs & Kisses, Sloane

The very Italian Redici Circles.

Sisal rug options are endless and these natural rugs have become classic.

Our texture wall. Come cozy up.

Gorgeous pattern and colors- perfect for the dining room.

She keeps watch.

One my truly favorite shots. I love the natural edge. It's Abbaca.

The custom carpet options are endless at Moore Floor Coverings.

Love these "embossed" patterns by Bellbridge.

Have I posted this one before? Geomtrics are everywhere.Get on the band wagon people.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

One last stripe post for the year

I know that I just posted an image of a stripe carpet (the lovely in my dining room) but here ya go one more striped post for 2010 (can not believe this year is almost over, can you?) for good measure. I just find the stripe such an easy pattern. This look can go in just about any room of the home, can be dramatic, classic, modern, country, fun and most are quite 'forgiving'- very good for our busy lives. 

 I love the simplicity of this design and the mix up of pieces and the cocoa brown rug w/ creamy stripes is quite handsome.Love the calendar thingy too.

Woodward Weave,
reminds me of the gorgeous Elizabeth Eakins rug in Something's Got to Give

just for the nerve of it- a crazy cool missoniesque carpet

Love the stairs, carpets and the rose vine pruned in to a wreath.

Gyun Hur a recent recipient of the Hudgens Center for the Arts prize; 
does art imitate design or design imitate art...
I say it's a mutual relationship.

LOVE LOVE LOVE Rosalind Russell's blazer and hat!

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