Thursday, October 28, 2010

What's New This Month

We have definitely seen a turn in the design world to a more modern aesthetic. Atlanta's designers and home owners are using more transitional patterns with cleaner lines, though with some resistance for we are such a traditional market. Here are a few of the new carpet styles we've received at Moore Floor Coverings referencing trends in the geometric fashion.

Langhorne does this B/W large basket weave smartly with the gray in the background, don't ya think?

This is a new embossed large diamond trellis. My picture does not do it justice. The background is a flat weave type look. Anyway, I love this look... good for the traditional or the modern home.

A fresh Wilton pattern in subtle colors. I really should post the neutrals in this pattern, for they have a rich tobacco colorway.

A take on a well loved diamond pattern in a nubby wool. We are seeing this look quite a lot now.

Well, my picture has this sample doing The Wave... an 80's dance move for a modern look. This is undyed wool. A trend slow to catch on in the Atlanta area but if you have a green minded client something like this is just the ticket baby!
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Monday, October 18, 2010

Moore Showroom Snap Shots

The Gallery at Moore Floor Coverings
 Here are a few random photographs of the store. Many of these sample displays have already changed, however because new samples arrive daily here at Moore Floor Coverings. Happy browsing! -Sloane
Gorgeous colors made with a cool fusion bonded application.

 These lovey little pockets are wool and abaca from The Natural Carpet Company's made to order collection.
Custom colored and patterned area rugs are a big part of what we do here at Moore Floor Coverings. 

"Flat Weaves" are carpets that are very low profile and read a lot like a sisal but are smoother. Available mostly in wool, linen and a few polypropylene or olefin options.

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Friday, October 8, 2010

Expand Your Sisal Horizons

Sisal in Large Bouclé- in stock at Moore Floor Coverings, can be cut to any size
I love this room. Here is a great example of the new Marrakech!

There is something about natural materials that resonant with us humans. I started in the wool carpet business working with my father more fourteen years ago and have been a proponent for natural fibers ever since.  I love sisal, seasgrass, jute and I love love love abacca (although, we don't have a ton of orders for the latter - saving my comments on this 'issue' for another post) and, as always, WOOL. We love sisal because of all the wonderful patterns and colors it's available in and seagrass is soooo affordable and very stain resistant due to the fact that it's a reed. Sisal is made out of the AgavĂ© cactus and is porous but very strong and flexible and can be woven in to all sorts of creative patterns and comes in wonderful shades and colors. For the longest time there has been a very popular diamond pattern that designers love and for good reason, it's beautiful and diamond patterns tend to be very transitional and, therefor, good for various types of decor. Plus, this pattern comes in the "seagrass color" which has a mix of warm and cool tone fibers and a darker color running through out which makes it a more 'forgiving' sisal. It's perfect for living rooms, dining rooms, and the foyer. Now we are starting to see a new 'wave' (excuse the pun, per Marrakech) of sisal patterns in the Atlanta market that are great in place of the ever-so-popular diamond sisal pattern.

Mountain grass(hemp grass) in a baby basket weave (cute!)
Seagrass in 4 over 4 basket weave, one of our most popular weaves of natural fiber selections.
Sisal in Marrakech

Seagrass in Herringbone

These fibers are perfect for area rugs but can also be installed wall-to-wall.