Monday, January 24, 2011

Re-Introducing An American Classic

Twenty-five years ago (I can't believe it's been that long) Expressive Designs helped put wool carpet back on the map for beautiful wall-to-wall carpet for the home. Shaw Industries purchased a small mill in Dallas, Georgia, placed Steve Couch at its helm and started producing appropriately designed and priced wool carpet for the U.S. market. Designers said "YES!" While it took a while for the retailers to catch on, eventually Expressive Designs was the 'go to' wool product line. A classic in its design, mimicking a natural sisal but made softer,and stain resistant. I always feel this raw natural sisal or jute look is very 'London'. Of course now it very Southern, and I mean that in the best way.

Steve Couch embodied the creative essence of the original Expressive Designs; now with his company Infinity Fabrics, Steve offers a cutting edge woven floor covering made to go inside the home or out doors in the natural world. And now Mr. Couch re-issues, if you will, the brilliance of Expressive Designs. The perfect product: blended fibers of the best wool in the world and the strongest resilient fiber engineered by human hands with an updated very unique natural look. And with the pricing offered, everyone can have the most fashionable carpets in their home.

My favorite style is the one made from Yak wool from Nepal. These are durable and fashion forward... no other mill has managed to knock this look off yet ; )  Stop in or call so that we may come to you and show this smart new/ old line.

The Next Cool Thing, part deux

Well we had a fun time at this unique event. I had my doubts, for when something announces itself as "the next cool thing" I think that it's not. I was pleasantly surprised that my judgement was incorrect. Performances by The Atlanta Ballet and the Atlanta Opera soloist was inspiring, the food was delicious and the movie and t.v. sets were impressively well done and I was impressed with the talent our beautiful city has to offer. I thoroughly enjoyed myself.
Beautiful drawing by Karen Davis of K D Design for the
Down With Love set.

This picture cracks me up for it was as we were leaving the event. Unfortunately we did not have one made with one of the wonderful sets in the background. Duh...? Mike and I look cold because we were FREEZING... a very cold night but one full of warm memories.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Next Cool Thing

Mike, Scott and I are looking forward to The Next Cool Thing this weekend. Check out the exhibit for Down With Love for which we donated the carpet.

Originally the event was scheduled for last weekend but was postponed due to the snow.

Hope to see everyone there!

Barbara Novak's apartment in Down With Love

New Samples In The House Of Moore

Love these deco inspired patterns in hand tufted qualities all custom color, made-to-order area rugs and carpets. I especially love the last pattern. Here are a few colors to wet your palette... yummmmm. xo sloane

Thursday, January 6, 2011

HAPPY 2011

From all of us at Moore Floor Coverings HAPPY 2011. I feel that this will be a great year personally and for our cool shop. Hope to see you around these parts soon...

I made this fun little signage. The warm yellow and cobalt remind of a sunny day in Tuscany... some time... some where...