Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Yes, We Are Still Here.

O.k. I admit I am not a tech savy person. I want my technology devices to work when I need them to work; I don't want to spend hours (that I don't have in the first place) to figure out how to make a machine work, go, etc. when I'm in a creative space and wanting to post or print or burn cd, etc. We were having a computer issues here at Moore Floor Coverings a bit ago and it really got me off track from posting on the blogs. I've recovered and am excited to get back involved in the blog-o-sphere.

Here are the new Fibreworks sisals that we expect to arrive at the shop over the next 6 weeks. Sisal is becoming more and more important in the design world as folks want to "green" their homes and live with natural products. These reflect the sophisticated styling of today's sisal... very different from the one or two sisal boucles offered ten years ago in the Atlanta market. Love this look!- SC